Lokel Digital

Why Lokel Digital?

Interactive technologies are at the forefront for creating intuitive, tangible interfaces. As technology's use and role in our society grows, the importance of tangible interfaces will grow along with it.

We believe that video games have always been the very best in interactive technologies and today's game engines and web-based tools offer the best interactive technology.

We create tools for the Unity Game Engine because it has the Asset Store and a very broad audience of game developers. We have had assets on the store since 2016.

What's Here for You?

Of course you will find the regular information about our Assets - at this point, they are the different iterations of OrbitDesigner.

You will also find our Blog has articles on Unity Shader writing with Unity's ShaderLab language. We also have detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to create a model in Blender, animate it and then import it into Unity and write components to call on the animation.