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A meeting place for like minds.

Lokelised creations with a global reach

Lokelised creations with a global reach

There was a time when local folks were the people you trusted.  Maybe you grew up with them or you saw them often when buying groceries.  Local people have a common understanding that goes without saying.  They have a shared interest in the local area, just as you do, because that's where you live.

The idea of "local" is still relevant but it is an offline idea.

As an online equivalent, we like the word "lokel" and use it to refer to common interests, goals and values that span country borders and religious divides.  For people who want to trust others with similar objectives, ideals and values.  For us, this is lokel, not local.

Video Games need a sense of Lokel

The value of a game goes up with every additional player.  It would be nice to engage others but have a sense of belonging and trust.

If you're playing in the same house, it is more lokel to use as many devices as possible in the same game.  It is also quite lokel to let two or more different houses play with, or against, each other over the internet and each party at each house gets to interact lokelly.